How To Avail Discounts From Online Shops?

A great appeal of online shopping is the access to numerous discounts and deals. Due to the large number of retail stores selling on the web, brands are always looking to lure customers with deals to save money. With the right discounts, you can slash a significant amount off of your spending. However, finding good deals is not always easy, especially if you are just getting into online shopping. You have to know where to look and how to compare offers to make sure they are the best ones. Below are some of the methods that buyers can use to source quality discounts.

Use Coupon Codes

Make a habit of searching for coupon codes before shopping online. These codes are effective ways of landing the best bonus Canada has to offer. A big advantage of shopping with coupon codes is that you apply more than one. Learning how to apply bonus codes is crucial if you are to maximize savings. When you have multiple coupons, start with the one with the highest discount and use them in descending order. For example, apply a 30% coupon before a 20% one. With coupon sites, you can swiftly search for codes and compare them to get the best deals.

Abandon Shopping Cart

An effective strategy of getting online stores to offer discounts is to leave stuff in your cart. After picking the items you want to buy, fill them in the cart, but don’t complete the checkout process. Log out of the site for a day or two. Most shopping sites offer discounts to encourage buyers to complete the purchase process. You can land some attractive deals, depending on your purchases and site. However, this tactic only works if you log into your account. The shopping website has to be able to pick you from many other buyers who might have abandoned their carts too.

Use Cashback Site and Apps

Various shopping apps and websites partner with retail stores to offer discounts. Cashback platforms return a percentage of the money you spend. Although those rebates might be small, they can add up over time to provide considerable savings. Another way that shopping apps reward customers is through bonus points. Once you accumulate a certain amount of points, you can redeem them, usually for gift cards or rebates. Ibotta, Drop, and Rakuten are examples of cashback apps.

Leverage Gift Cards

Not everyone who receives a gift card wants to use it. Some people prefer converting gift cards into cash, particularly if they are sure they will never use them. So, you will find some gift cards on sale at discounted prices. You can buy such cards then use them for your online shopping. Because you bought the card at less than its face value, you get to save a few bucks. You can find gift cards for almost anything from dinners to groceries to spa treatments. However, be careful about buying unverified gift cards. Find reputable websites that sell discounted gift cards.

Use Browser Extensions

Sometimes you can forget or maybe feel lazy about searching for deals online. Hunting for bargains can get tedious. In such instances, you can get help. Shoppers can use browser extensions to scour the web for the latest offer. You only have to install an extension on your browser then let it do the work. Honey is one of the most popular ones. It finds deals and compares prices. Therefore, you are sure that you are getting top offers in Canada. Since the extension applies discounts at checkout, you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Talk to Customer Service

Have you tried asking for discounts? Yes, it works. When shopping online, you can interact with the customer support team and ask about getting discounts. You can do this through the chatbox that usually pops up at the bottom of a site. Ask the customer representative if the store has any current offers. If you have an expired coupon code, ask if you can still use it. Do the same for sales. You would be surprised how much retail stores are willing to accommodate customers.

Use Socials

Social media can help shoppers land cost-saving deals. Retail stores use social media as part of their marketing strategies. One way to engage with customers on these platforms is by advertising sales, discounts, and other offers. So, follow various stores on Instagram, Facebook and, Twitter to stay up to date on the latest deals.

Shop on the Right Day

As obvious as it seems, not every shopper takes advantage of this strategy. Waiting for a few days to buy electronics, flight tickets, or groceries can save you money. Some of the best deals are available from Wednesday to Friday. Also, watch out for special shopping days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Green Monday for big purchases.

Retail stores are always looking to attract customers and retain the ones they already have. Discounts help with this. Most consumers want to save money, so they try to find the best deals possible. When you know where to look, you can find excellent offers.

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