Best 5 Online Stores With Return And Exchange Policies

Shopping online means that you forgo the freedom of inspection. Buyers can evaluate items physically before purchasing them. For this reason, you have to be particularly cautious with refund and exchange policies. Online merchants institute policies to govern the return process. Customers might need to give back a product for several reasons. For example, it could be the wrong size, fit, or color. Whatever the case, you should know if a store lets you return a product.

Because online stores develop individual return and exchange policies, they differ on a wide scale. So, you will find some sites that make things easy for shoppers while others are a nightmare. Note that a Canadian store can have different terms from its American counterpart. Therefore, shoppers should be careful to check the correct terms. This guide includes a list of websites that buyers can consider. Customers should have no worries when shopping as these online stores offer return and exchange policies.

Bed Bath & Beyond

As much as Bed Bath & Beyond wants customers to love its products, it might not always be the case. Hence, the store promises easy returns and delivers most of the time. If you held onto your receipt, then you will appreciate the seamless return process. The store gives you 180 days after purchase to exchange or get a full refund. This rule has some exceptions, though. Buyers, should, therefore, know which products are eligible for return and exchange. For example, electronics can be returned within 60 days and smart home tech within 30 days. Gift receipts can be exchanged for merchandise credit totaling the amount paid. In instances where a receipt is not available, the store attempts to find the transaction record if the purchase was in the last 365 days. If it’s not found, you get merchandise credit or an exchange, but at 20% less the current price.


Ikea calls its return policy ‘no-nonsense,’ and it truly is. This store gives you 365 days to change your mind. You can return new and unopened merchandise within 365 days, and receive a full refund. For opened products, you have 180 days to return. The store requires you to submit proof of purchase. So, make sure you have your receipt handy for a swift process. If you don’t, Ikea tries to find the purchase record in their system. You can still receive merchandise credit. However, it will be for the lowest-selling price of that product in the last 365 days.


If you want to shop at a department store with an accommodating return policy, Bloomingdale’s is one option. You can take back purchases within 365 days. It’s easier when you have a receipt, but you can still get a full refund without one. Bloomingdale’s will look up the transaction on your account and proceed as necessary. Refunds are given as merchandise credit or credited to your Bloomingdale’s account. If the purchase history is not available, then Bloomingdale’s gives you merchandise credit based on the lowest selling price from the previous 180 days. However, not every item can be returned. For example, you cannot return certain dresses after removing the tag.


Kohl’s makes the return and exchange process uncomplicated, whether you have a receipt or not. Buyers can take back any products at any time. Premium electronics are the exception. You have to return these within 30 days with a valid receipt and original packaging. If you have a gift card to Kohl’s, then you are out of luck because the store doesn’t refund them. In cases where a receipt is not available, the store can look up your credit card transaction or Kohl’s Charge for the last 180 days. Customers can get refunds in the form of store credit, corporate-issued refund, or even exchange. You can also get merchandise credit based on the lowest price of the item in the past 13 weeks. If you are sending your purchases back by mail, then fill out the form provided.


One of the best returns policies in Canada is at Costco. The store prides itself on the good quality of its products. However, buyers can still want refunds or exchanges. Costco lets customers return anything from food to electronics. Most items have no time limits for returns, which is one of the biggest advantages of shopping here. Of course, as with any other store, there are exceptions. Some products, such as smartphones, cameras, computers, and other consumer electronics must be returned within 90 days. The store also has special terms for some items like diamonds, tires, and alcohol. It might also be necessary to verify some returned items. So, check if your purchases fall into this category. For customers who don’t have their receipts, Costco attempts to locate the transaction.

When shopping online, don’t focus too much on landing the best bonus offers in Canada that you forget to check return and exchange policies. Be careful about your purchasing decisions and know the various store terms.

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