5 Shopping Apps To Try This 2021: With Bonus Points For Every Purchase

Shopping apps made online and offline make buying convenient. The tools allow buyers are to access stores from various hand-held devices. You only have to download an application on your smartphone or tablet, and you can use it anytime for purchases. Online stores are looking to reach more people and apps make that possible. Some physical stores have also adapted shopping apps to increase efficiency. It’s because mobile platforms save shoppers the hassle of getting stuck on a PC or lugging a laptop around.

Another advantage is that some apps reward buyers for spending money. So, you can earn bonus points or other rewards, which you can then redeem. The problem, though, is deciding which of the thousands of shopping apps out there are the best. This guide compiles a list of some top tools that promise exciting rewards.


This app lets you earn bonus points at stores where you frequently shop. It is ideal for buyers who use their credit cards often. Drop requires you to link your card, and then when you pay for purchases, you collect Drop Points. The app partners with top stores like Amazon, CVS, and Target. Points are only available if you buy sponsored brands. Therefore, you should first check for available products. Drop also allows you to earn points for subscribing to new services. Another method to accumulate points is to capitalize on Drop partner coupons, which can get you the best bonus Canada offers.

You can redeem Drop Points for gift cards to various places, including Starbucks and Amazon. Besides earning bonus points, you can use the app to get a little extra cash. Drop pays customers to take surveys and play video games.


If you need a location-based shopping app, Shopkick is one of the best ones. With this app, you get rewards for buying items both online and offline. When you buy products from partnered brands, you earn ‘kicks.’ Then you can redeem the kicks for gift cards at selected stores. When at a physical store, you can collect points for scanning barcodes of shelved goods. It means that you don’t have to buy items to get rewards. Kicks are also available when you scan receipts in-store at checkout.

What makes Shopkick worth it is the fact that it partners with over 250,000 retail locations. Therefore, shoppers can easily find their preferred brands. Additionally, you can get gift cards for charitable organizations like the Red Cross.


Ibotta gives shoppers the chance to earn cash back on everyday purchases. It’s a receipt scanning app that partners with more than 300 retail chains. So, you can receive rebates for submitting receipts. For some participating stores, you have to scan a product’s barcode to redeem cash back. Shoppers can also spend less on products by using manufacturers’ coupons, which are available on the platform.

Ibotta also has offers for participating in different tasks. For example, you can watch a short video or learn a fact in exchange to open offers. Making referrals also earns you points. So, make sure to spread the word. Another way to build your points is by buying the same product at different stores. You can redeem your points for cash, which is payable via Venmo and PayPal, or get gift cards to popular stores.


One thing about Honey is that it’s not just an app, it’s a browser extension as well. The app has over 4,000 partners that make online shopping more lucrative. When you spend money on products from partner stores, then you earn Honey Gold. You can then redeem the points for gift cards. Honey focuses on helping shoppers save money. The browser extension serves as a coupon finder. So, when you need to compare deals to land the best bonus Canada provides, this tool is useful. The app finds the best discounts and applies them automatically at checkout. For that reason, shoppers don’t miss out on deals.


For buyers of eco-friendly products, Makeena screams “shop now and earn best bonus points!” The app rewards shoppers for green purchases. Some of the items that can earn you points include non-GMO, organic, plant-based, BPA-free, and gluten-free, among others. Makeena works with both in-store and online purchases. It gives cash back and rewards for spending money on your favorite environmentally-friendly brands.

Makeena also lets you get cash back from your receipts. You can do this by browsing products and brands, then saving them to your shopping list. Redeem your cash back by scanning the barcodes of the purchased goods. Then snap a photo of the receipt and send it through the app. Makeena then pays through PayPal or Venmo. You can earn points from any grocery-related receipt.

Shopping apps are useful tools that provide buyers with unmatched convenience. Besides that, some apps give out bonus points and rewards for shopping at various physical and online stores. The above are a few examples, but buyers have more to choose from. Ensure that you compare apps to get the best deals.

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